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How To Start Start A Popcornopolis, Gourmet Pops, Sweet Popcorn Business In Nigeria. Contact us for the Complete Comprehensive Guide on How To Start A Start A Popcornopolis, Gourmet Pops, Sweet Popcorn In Nigeria Business Plan Click here

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Sweet popcorn is perfect for movie nights at home, children's parties and a tasty snack. You'll get the best flavor by popping your own kernels over the stove or in a popcorn maker, but you can adapt these recipes for microwave popcorn as well. Since there are several varieties, you'll just have to try them all.

How Much Do I Need To Start A Start A Popcornopolis, Gourmet Pops, Sweet Popcorn In Nigeria

Before you step into a popcorn business, it is necessary to conduct research on the market, customers, and competitors. Find out about existing popcorn businesses. Learn about their practices, pricing, and quality of products. You can't afford to be less in quality than your competitors to succeed in the field. If you find a saturated environment, analyze other options

Before you step into a popcorn business, it is necessary to conduct research on the market, customers, and competitors. Find out about existing popcorn businesses. Learn about their practices, pricing, and quality of products. You can't afford to be less in quality than your competitors to succeed in the field. If you find a saturated environment, analyze other options.

Find out a niche in the popcorn business. You can offer something different than what people are used to. You have to also think about the packaging of your products. Getting wholesale popcorn boxes will prove cost-effective. After analyzing various details, finalize who will be your target customers.

Below are some of the options to consider:
Shopping malls
movie halls
Religious places
fairs Offices
Local stores Retail outlets
People at Fairs and carnivals
Sell over the Internet

Develop a Business Plan Although you are conducting a home-based business, still there is a need to develop a business plan. Keep it simple but systematic. Outline some of the important details like a source of funding, marketing strategy, milestones and objectives to achieve. A business plan helps you to forecast various unavoidable circumstances and find their solution at the start. Arrange Capital It's true that you do not need a large capital to start a popcorn business, but some of the resources are needed to run it effectively.

This can make you earn large profits. The equipment or machinery you purchase will contain the maximum share of your capital. You can use any of your savings, or arrange capital from your family, friends or relatives. Legal Formalities As it's a food business, so it is better to fulfill all the legal formalities at the start. Contact any of your local offices. Get the details of legal requirements. Register your business with legal authority and complete all the procedures.

You may also go for insurance if you want. Branding Brand Popcorn Give an attractive name to your business. This helps you in differentiating your products from others in the marketplace. A unique brand name can attract a large customer base. Decide a Business Type Once you have done with other details, it's the time to decide the type of business you wish to start. Either you can sell popcorn online. Create a website of your own and start taking orders directly from the customers.

You have another option. Supply your products to local shops or retail outlets in your area. This is a good option as a beginner as it helps you in creating a large customer base and generates goodwill. Gather Raw Materials In order to get high-quality raw material, you need to find good suppliers. Search on the internet about the raw material required to make popcorn. Generate the list of suppliers in your area. Analyze their cost and quality and finalize the best one.

Below are the raw materials you need for starting a popcorn business: Bags of corn: As corn is the main raw material so you have to find the best suppliers for it. For, getting a higher quality of production, find the suppliers who import top quality corn from other countries. Salt, sugar, and butter:

These ingredients are needed to add taste to your popcorn. Find a local supplier who can supply them in large volume. First, make a price analysis and compare it with other suppliers of your area. Finalize the supplier with the most affordable price. Other ingredients:

You can make different types of popcorn by adding different flavors, colors, and spices. For example, make cheesy popcorn, caramel or the aromatic ones. You need to purchase ingredients for it but in lesser quality. Get command over mixing them in correct proportion to get the desired taste.

Finalize the Packaging Popcorn box The packaging is the thing which differentiates your products from those of competitors. The popcorn boxes should be designed attractively to generate more sales. You can contact a manufacturer to supply you with custom printed popcorn boxes. If you purchase these popcorn containers wholesale you can save on cost more. Get your brand name and logo printed on popcorn boxes to make your products more recognizable. Buy Equipment For starting a popcorn business you need two types of machinery. The first one is a popcorn making machine.

The size of the machine depends upon your requirement. If you want to supply popcorn to different locations, you will need a bigger machine. Get it from a well-reputed supplier and check its functionality before purchase. The second one is the sealing machine. It is needed if you want to sell packed popcorn. You need not purchase it if you are selling them in cardboard popcorn boxes.

List of Best Popcorn Machine for Home or Business

Deciding on what popcorn machine to buy is hard enough. We've taken the liberty to come up with the best popcorn machine for whatever occasion you may have in mind. If you don't want to scroll all the way down and want to immediately see what our recommended popcorn popper is, just click on the table of contents that follows.

Best Popcorn Machine for Schools

When buying a popcorn machine for school you want to something that's durable, efficient, and can calm down 250 hungry kids in a matter of hours. For this we recommend the

Benchmark 14 oz Silver Popcorn Popper.

At first glance, it's not the prettiest machine. However, it can give you 14 1 oz bags (they are the small bags you see with street popcorn vendors) for every time they pop. Considering that it only takes 3-4 minutes to pop, you're looking at about 200 satisfied kids in one hour.

2nd Choice :

Benchmark 8 oz Silver Popcorn Popper


It sells for $599, which is 200 dollars cheaper than its bigger brother. It just provides less per serving, so if you have less kids it can do the job just as well.

Best Popcorn Machine for Home Theater Room

This is a bit trickier since it becomes a matter of personal taste. For a home theater you're not as concerned with pumping out volume. Here it's more of a matter of aesthetics and what looks good as an accessory to your home theater. so here is a breakdown based on your situation:

Popcorn Machine for Home Use

If you're only going to use it whenever you and your family is going to watch a movie, it's a safe bet to go with a

4 oz popcorn machine.

They are the most affordable ones starting at $299.99. They can give you 4 1 oz bag servings in 3-4 minutes. So let's say you have 4-8 people together, you'll have popcorn for everybody in 10 minutes. If they're really hungry, it may take you an additional ten minutes.
The important thing to note is that if you don't use it too often, this type of popcorn popper is perfect. You can use the popcorn machine for the game room as well.
These usually come in different styles. The popular ones being Art Deco, Old Fashioned or Antique, and Movie Style.

Popcorn Machine for Events at Home

If you're the life of the party of the neighborhood, and you're going to host a lot of events, then you're better off getting a 6 oz or 8 oz popcorn machine.
Remember, the ounces are the size of the kettle. All it means is that you'll have 6 or 8 servings (1 oz bags) in a matter of 3-4 minutes. So if you usually have 20 people over, a 6 oz would do. If you usually have 40 plus, an 8 oz works.
However if you have these things once in a blue moon, then a 6 oz machine can work just as well. Just do the math of how many people you'll have over and how soon you need to pop the popcorn.

4 oz or 6 oz or 8 oz popcorn machine.

Best Popcorn Machine for Business

We'll attack two angles when looking at this. Sometimes you may want to have a popcorn machine at your place of business, such as an office, bar, or restaurant. Other times you may want to have it as one of your primary sources of income at your business, such as a movie theater or a concession stand. We'll go into each type of business and look at the best machine for that use.

4 oz or 6 oz or 8 oz popcorn machine.

Best Popcorn Machine for Office

For the office we like the

Paragon Contempo Pop 8 oz Popcorn Machine.

It gives you 147 servings per hour. It's perfect for office get togethers or impromptu office snacks. Its design is simple and it comes in black, which means it will fit in any office.

Best Popcorn Machine for Bar

For the bar we like the Benchmark 8 oz Professional Popcorn Machine. It is a sturdy machine that's there to get the job done. It's a good starter popcorn machine for someone that will use it commercially.

Best Popcorn Machine for Restaurant

We like the Paragon 8 oz Stainless Steel Professional Popcorn machine for restaurants. Not only is it sturdy but we feel that it's a bit more visually appealing than the other stainless steel popcorn machines. It's on the low end of professional popcorn machines. If you think that an 8 oz kettle that will give you about 120-140 servings of popcorn per hour isn't enough, you might want to check out a commercial popcorn machine instead.

Best Popcorn Machine for Concession Stand

With a concession stand, a popcorn machine can become one of your primary sources of income. Therefore, this isn't the time to start messing around with smaller popcorn machines.
You could experiment with some 8 oz popcorn machines, but we would recommend that you go higher just for the purposes of usage. Smaller popcorn machines aren't expected to be used as much and as such the manufacturer won't cover the warranty on some if it's based on commercial use.
We recommend the Paragon Theater 12 oz Pocorn Machine.
It can be used in a mobile environment as well as a fixed position. It serves up to 221 servings per hour. Comes with a heating deck to keep the popcorn fresh and it's easy to clean.

Best Popcorn Machine for Movie Theater

The Paragon 14 oz Popcorn Machine can work well for small to mid size movie theaters. it can pump out up to 295 servings per hour (1 oz bags). Of course, that amount changes based on the tubs that you'll be serving your popcorn.

How to Make Sweet Popcorn

Sweet popcorn is perfect for movie nights at home, children's parties and a tasty snack. You'll get the best flavor by popping your own kernels over the stove or in a popcorn maker, but you can adapt these recipes for microwave popcorn as well. Since there are several varieties, you'll just have to try them all.


Serves 4 (all recipes)


cup (120mL) popcorn kernels
3 tbsp (45mL) vegetable oil

Sweet Butter Popcorn

⅓ cup (75g) butter
¼ cup (50g) granulated sugar
additional 2 tbsp (25g) granulated sugar

Apple Cinnamon Popcorn

1 sweet apple or ~ 1 cup (240 mL) dried apple chips
¼ cup (55g) butter
2 tbsp (25g) brown sugar
1 tsp (5 mL) cinnamon
¼ tsp (1 mL) nutmeg
¼ tsp (1 mL) vanilla extract

Chocolate Popcorn

4 oz (110g) dark chocolate chips
½ tsp (2.5 mL) salt

Method 1

Making Sweet Butter Popcorn

Heat oil and test kernels in a heavy pan.
Heat 3 tbsp (45 mL) vegetable oil and three popcorn kernels in a large, heavy-bottomed pan with a lid. When all three kernels have popped, the pan is hot enough to add the rest.

o Canola oil or another vegetable oil with a medium or high smoking point works best.
o If you're using microwave popcorn, just microwave the bag and skip down to melting the butter and sugar. You'll miss out on some flavor, but it will work out.

Add the rest of the popcorn kernels.
Remove the pan from heat and add ½ cup (120mL) popcorn kernels. Wait 30 seconds, then return to medium-high heat. This delay lets the kernels reach an even temperature so they pop closer to the same time.
Heat and shake until kernels start to pop. About every ten seconds, lift the pan and shake from side to side for three seconds. Occasionally crack the lid so air and moisture can escape.
Add ¼ cup (50g) sugar and heat until popped.
Once the first kernels start to pop, add granulated white sugar and shake well to mix. Wait until the popping starts again, then heat until the popping slows to once every one or two seconds. Pour the popcorn into a bowl and set aside. Don't just take the pan off the heat, as the hot pan can still burn the sugar.

o The sugar can get very hot. Let it cool before you snack.
o If you smell burning, pour out the popcorn right away. There's a fine line between browned sugar and charcoal.
Melt the butter with the rest of the sugar.
Stir together ⅓ cup (75g) butter and ⅛ cup (2 tbsp / 25g) granulated sugar. Heat and stir in the pan until fully melted, or simmer for a couple minutes for a caramel sauce. You can also melt this in the microwave in about one minute.

o For a thicker, caramel-y sauce, use ¼ cup (50g) golden syrup instead of sugar. You can put this on normal popcorn instead of sugared popcorn, unless you really have a sweet tooth.

o Add a pinch of salt. Sprinkle on about ½ tsp (2.5 mL) of salt, or to taste. Not only does this add a flavor of its own, it can make the popcorn taste sweeter by masking the bitter flavor from burned kernels or scorched syrup.
Pour the glaze over the popcorn. Stir the butter and sugar mixture until smooth, then pour it onto your popcorn bowl. Wait at least five minutes before eating so the glaze cools down and the popcorn crisps.
o If you want the glaze to harden, chill it in the refrigerator for 15–20 minutes.

Method 2

Making Apple Cinnamon Popcorn

Purchase or make apple chips. Buy a bag of dried apple chips and measure out about 1 cup (240 mL). Alternatively, make them yourself from any sweet apple variety (most reds will work):

o Slice the apple into thin slices of uniform thickness.
o Place the slices on a cooling rack. (If you only have a baking tray, flip the slices over halfway through baking to dry out the other side.)
o Bake at minimum temperature (~250ºF/120ºC) with the oven door slightly open.
o Remove when apple slices are wrinkled and mostly dry, about 2 hours.
o Let cool to room temperature. The slices should become mostly crisp.

Prepare popcorn as usual. You can pop the kernels on the stovetop (see above) or use a microwave bag. Use non-flavored popcorn, since butter will go on later.
Melt butter and sugar together. Melt ¼ cup (55g) butter and 2 tbsp (25g) brown sugar over medium heat, stirring frequently. You can stop as soon as both ingredients are melted, or keep cooking another couple minutes for a thicker caramel sauce.

o You may use white sugar instead. The brown sugar adds a stronger caramel flavor and works with the apple pie spices.

Combine all ingredients. Pour the butter-sugar mixture into the bowl. Add 1 tsp (5 mL) cinnamon, ¼ tsp (1 mL) nutmeg, and ¼ tsp (1 mL) vanilla extract. Stir together well, pour over the popcorn. Give the butter a few minutes to cool down before eating.

o Optionally, add a cup (240 mL) of chopped pecans or walnuts as well.

Method 3

Making Chocolate Popcorn

Pop the popcorn. You can use the stovetop as described above, or zap a bag of unflavored microwave popcorn.
Melt dark chocolate chips and salt. Put 4 oz (110g) dark chocolate chips or finely chopped dark chocolate into a microwave-safe container. Add ½ tsp (2.5 mL) salt. Heat in 10–15 second intervals, stirring after each one, until melted. Chocolate burns and separates easily, so take care not to overheat.
Drizzle chocolate over a baking sheet of popcorn. Spread out the popcorn on a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Pour the chocolate over it.
Wait for the chocolate to harden. Leave the chocolate at room temperature for about one hour, or until it forms a hard shell. Eat, sprinkling on more salt if desired.

What Supplies Do You Need to Sell Popcorn?

Because popcorn has such high profit margins, pricing your popcorn right can help to cover the cost of equipment and supplies in a short amount of time. It requires very little labor involvement, making it an easy addition to your menu.

Here are the supplies needed to produce popcorn:
• Popcorn machine
• Popcorn kernels
• Oils and salts
• Merchandising bags
• Additional seasonings and toppings for gourmet popcorn (optional)

What Is Gourmet Popcorn?

While regular popcorn is enjoyed with classic seasonings such as salt and butter, gourmet popcorn is flavored with additional seasonings to create savory or sweet flavors.
Gourmet popcorn allows your chef to get creative in the kitchen with various toppings, add-ins, herbs, and spices. It’s important to consider adding gourmet popcorn to your menu because it can often increase your profit margin. The low cost of popcorn combined with the low cost of seasonings and spices makes gourmet popcorn an inexpensive addition to your menu. But because of its mass appeal and upscale feel, you can charge a premium for gourmet popcorn. Thanks to the perceived value of flavored popcorn, guests are willing to pay more for it.

Ways to Make a Profit with Popcorn

If you’re looking to profit from popcorn, there are several simple ways to incorporate and capitalize on this trendy snack favorite. From rustic gastropubs to high-end catered events, here are a few ways to start selling popcorn in your commercial business.

Incorporate Popcorn into Your Appetizer Menu

Since popcorn is a classic snack food, it makes sense to include it on your appetizer menu. How you dress the popcorn up or down will determine how well it fits into your bar or restaurant’s core concept. For a high-end trendy bistro, popcorn dressed with truffle oil, salt, and herbs would make a perfect addition to your selection of small plates. And if you’re looking to keep it casual, stick with simpler flavors such as cheese or caramel.

Here are a few popcorn flavoring concepts to add to your appetizer menu:
• Chili lime
• Buffalo sauce
• Parmesan rosemary
• Thai curry
• Salt and vinegar

Offer Popcorn as a Promotional Incentive

Because of its low cost and high profit margin, popcorn can be used as a smart and rewarding promotional tool at your concession stand or special event. Create combination bundles such as popcorn and a large soda, candy and a small popcorn, or buy one get one free for medium popcorns. Offering free popcorn for children is another effective incentive to draw parents or family members in who may not otherwise make a purchase.

Create Popcorn Stations at Catered Events

Not only is popcorn easy to prepare before your next catered event, but it can provide a great way to get guests involved. This diverse treat can serve as a light snack during cocktail hour or the perfect attraction at a carnival-themed fundraiser. If you’re short on staff or looking to get guests involved, set up a popcorn bar with plenty of toppings and seasonings. Offer up both sweet and savory options to give guests the ability to customize their snack.

Using vintage popcorn carts and display stands in a front-of-house application adds nostalgia to your snack service. It offers a theme-enhancing visual display that can entice guests and boost impulse sales at special events and parties.

Here are a few sweet popcorn ideas to try out at your next catered event:
• Peanut butter and chocolate
• Cinnamon sugar
• Cookies and cream
• Maple pecan
• Mixed berry

Click here to get the complete guide on the above business plan  Click Here

Uses of this Business Plan (PDF and Word)

This business plan can be used for many purposes including:

•    Raising capital from investors/friends/relatives
•    Applying for a bank loan
•    Start-up guide to launch your business
•    As a business proposal
•    Assessing profitability of the business
•    Finding a business partner
•    Assessing the initial start-up costs so that you know how much to save
•   Manual for current business owners to help in business and strategy formulation

Contents of this Business Plan (PDF and Word)

This business plan include:

•    Marketing Strategy
•    Financial Statements (monthly cash flow projections, income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, break even analysis, payback period analysis, start-up costs, financial graphs, revenue and expenses, Bank Loan Amortization)
•    Industry Analysis
•    Market Analysis
•    Risk Analysis
•    SWOT & PEST Analysis
•    Operational Requirements
•    Operational Strategy
•    Why some people in this business fail, so that you can avoid their mistakes
•    Ways to raise capital to start your business


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Before you step into a popcorn business, it is necessary to conduct research on the market, customers, and competitors. Find out about existing popcorn businesses. Learn about their practices, pricing, and quality of products. You can't afford to be less in quality than your competitors to succeed in the field. If you find a saturated environment, analyze other options


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