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Complete Guide - How To Start A Snacks Production Puff Puff, Egg Rolls, Meat Pie Business In Nigeria. Contact us for the Complete Comprehensive Guide on Snacks ProductionClick here

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This business is so lucrative that you can use your proceeds from one outlet or space to open up another one, thereby you have people working for you without you doing the job.

How Much Do I Need To Start A Snacks Production Puff Puff, Egg Rolls, Meat Pie Business In Nigeria

Snacks are business that needs little or no advertisement. It draws attention to itself anywhere it is showcased. To sell up fast with good returns, you have to get a good location, because strategic location matters in this business.

Lists of snacks

Chin chin.
Small chops e.g. puff puff, mini sausage rolls, buns e.t.c
Meat pie.
Fish roll.
Peppered gizzard.
Spring roll.
Plantain chips.
Pop corn.
Cookies (vanilla and chocolate chip cookies).

Materials needed: Below are some of the major materials needed for snacks production business.

Edible fat.
Minced meat for meat pies. You can buy meat and mince it yourself if you purchase the machine.
Egg for egg roll production.
Vegetable oil.

Purchase your equipment’s:

Equipment’s purchased will depend entirely on the types of snacks you will be making. Some snacks may need frying, while others may need baking. Below are some major equipment’s you need for your snack production business. As time goes on, you will be able to decide on additional equipment’s you need to purchase.

Deep fryer.
Freezer and refrigerator.
Food processor.
Work tables. Remember to coat table surface with durable material that will not leave wood particles in the snacks.
Spoons of various sizes.
Gas or stove cooker.
Variety of cake pans.
Muffin trays.
Shelve to keep products and allow them cool off, and for products display as well.
Sealing machine.
Packaging nylons.
Show glass

How to start a Puff Puff Business

You may want to know. Here is the breakdown of what is needed to make a popular Nigerian snack called puff puff.

Ingredients for puff puff

1. Flour per paint rubber =N3000
2. Sugar per derica =N300 or less
3. Nutmeg=N100
4. Egg per crate=N1100
5. Flavor per bottle=N450
6 Yeast per sachet=N100
7 Salt if you want =N50
8. Vegetable oil for deep-frying =N2200 per 5litres or More
The beautiful part and economic side of this business is that the yeast helps you to double the quantity of flour you have mixed after leaving it for about 45 minutes.
The above are the basic ingredients needed for making puff puff. When you want to increase and expand your business by including buns, you have to get eggs and butter which can be used for making doughnuts too. You just need to replace the yeast with baking powder.

How to make puff puff

In making puff puff;

1. Get your warm water ready, set it aside, and mix flour with a little quantity of yeast so it doesn’t get too light in weight.
2. Add salt or sugar ( depends on preference) and stir well.
3. Add nutmeg and stir well.
4. Add warm water into the mixture.
5. You can add flavour and fresh grounded peppers if you desire.
6. Cover the dough for about 15-45mins
7. To know if the puff puff is ready to fry when you uncover it you will see bubbles on top of the dough.
8. Start deep-frying until it’s golden brown.

Note: Only deep fry. If you fry on a shallow oil, the puff puff wouldn’t form well, and it may give you a flat puff puff. So deep fry to get the best results.

Marketing your puff puff

Puff puff is a snack that needs little or no advertisement. It draws attention to itself anywhere it is showcased. To sell up fast with good returns, you have to get a good location, because strategic location matters in this business.
For example, you can showcase your puff puff close to the entrance gate of a school, a bus-stop, a busy walkway, a busy road, even in your street and make good sales, because this business is self advertising, it attracts customers by itself. You will definitely get Frist time buyers, however, your skills, quality of product, customer relations, price and presentation will contribute to your level of patronage.
There’s no way you would not get patronage when you wake up in the morning and mix your dough, deep frying and showcase your puff puff. Pupils will draw the attention of their parents to buy for them, even adults too will purchase from you.

A different approach to the business
You can be an employer of labour by actually using your little capital to get all things ready and get people who you can teach this skills or that have this skills already to do this lucrative job for you. You pay them as they are done with work or you pay them weekly depending on your agreement with them.
This business is so lucrative that you can use your proceeds from one outlet or space to open up another one, thereby you have people working for you without you doing the job.
This point of view is for those who need and want to expand. Imagine having 5 places you fry your puff and each of those places gives you like 20k every day that’s 100k. After removing your expenses and staff wages you are still on the big deal. Think big and think expansion.

Extra tips on how to succeed in the business

1. Maintain clean environment: You have to keep your environment clean all the time, so as to prevent flies around the production area. Dirty environment makes you lose customer and once you begin to lose customers, your sales starts dropping. You have to try as much as possible to keep your environment clean as this will encourage more people to buy from you. This is important as people will walk up to you and the way your business premises looks like will either chase them away or make them buy more.
2. Manage different types of people: You will meet different types of people in form of customers; friendly, angry and indifferent customers. Your approach to all your customers must be friendly always. Don’t wear your personal problems on your face, instead put on a friendly disposition as it helps you sell.
3. Control your body sweat: Depending on what you want to use to fry the puff puff, doughnuts or buns, be it gas, stove or firewood, you will definitely sweat, and you have to be as clean as possible. Always have a handkerchief nearby to wipe your face or neck as the case maybe. Don’t use your hand to clean your face and at the same time stir the dough. This is bad and not good for business. Some people can be so forgetful and unknowingly customers are watching, so always try to use your hankie to wipe your face free from sweats.
4. Maintain goodproductquantity: If you started with a high standard for your puff puff, please don’t lower the standard especially when you have started receiving much patronage. If you lower your quality, loyal customers will know and leave, and a bad word spoken against your business will make it crumble. Try and avoid this problem, maintain your standards and you will get more customers.
5. Be consistent:Lack of consistency is the problem many entrepreneurs face while starting a new business. You have to be consistent with your business to see the right results. If you started with selling in the mornings and evenings, continue that way because you would have created an impression in the hearts of customers that if they can’t buy in the morning, they will definitely buy in the afternoon. I have seen a woman in my street, she fries her puff puff at one side of my street as early as 6:30am in the morning for pupils and people going to work. She does that till 4:30pm in the evenings as students are on their way back to their homes. She makes more than the salary of some bankers in a month, just by doing what she knows best to do all morning and afternoon without failing, even on a raining day or on a sunny day. Be consistent.


Also get to know your target market before starting. It will be nice to produce and supply to people who retails them. Having the best market strategy will keep you in the business and be dolling out thousands into your account.
In this post you will learn how to prepare sausage roll, fish roll and egg roll. The secret to success in snack business is to produce tasty snacks that will make people come back for more. If you want to learn meat pie production.


It is very profitable because the little flour you use for production can produce a large number of snacks that you can sell and make good money.
The demand for snack is very high. Children take them to school, adults can easily munch it in place of food or while waiting for food. The selling price is cheap from #50 up, making it easy for many people to purchase in volume. It is very easy to use during ceremonies as snacks can quickly be served.
It is a business you can do at the comfort of your home. The capital for starting can be little or huge depending on your scale. Snack business can go along or can be combined with other businesses such as drinks, ice cream, nuts etc.



Stirring rod
Rolling pin
Table or flat surface
Source of fire
Baking utensils (pot, oven)
Show glass
Packaging materials


Baking powder


Flour 300g (3 milk cup)
Milk 3 tablespoon
Margarine 50g
Boil egg 5
Raw egg 1
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
Salt ½ teaspoon
Nutmeg ½ teaspoon
Sugar 3 tablespoon
Oil for deep-frying
Flavour optional


1. Sieve the flour into a large bowl
2. Add all the dried ingredients
3. Rub in the butter
4. Dig a hole and Pour in the already beaten egg. Mix it to form a dough Divide it into 5 places
5. Place a full peeled egg into each and close.
6. Close it and make sure you seal the edge properly so that they will not open while frying. Use the raw egg to seal the egg roll properly
7. Fry it in a moderate hot oil till golden brown.

This is just a sample, you can increase the ingredients to fit the number of egg roll you want to produce using this measurement.


Flour 40g
Margarine 100kg
Nut meg 1 teaspoon
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
Salt ½ teaspoon
Raw egg optional


Ice fish
cube seasoning


1. Season the fresh fish with a little salt, pepper, stock cube and fry it lightly in a little hot oil. When done, remove the fish bones and marsh the remaining fish very well.
2. Pour the flour in a large bowl, add baking powder, margarine and mix properly. Add the egg into it and mix again properly.
3. Add water to the mixture bit by bit, start kneading until the dough becomes smooth and firm.
4. Place the dough on a flat board and cut a bit of it out. Use rolling-pin and roll the dough until it is well flattened then cut to form a rectangular shape
5. Put the marsh fish into the flattened dough and fold. Keep rolling it until you get your desired length.
6. Heat up your oil, when hot drop the fish roll into it and fry until it becomes crusty and brown



Flour 500g
Raw egg 2
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
Margarine 200g
Salt 1 teaspoon
Cold water bit by bit


Sausage meat 4oog
Stock cube 2 tablespoon
Black pepper 1 teaspoon


1. Grind the sausage meat add stock cube, black pepper, nut meg, mix thoroughly to get all the pieces together and set aside.
2. Sieve the flour into a bowl, add baking powder, add salt to it and mix thoroughly.
3. Add margarine and continue mixing by rubbing the margarine into the flour, keep to it until the flour looks like bread crumbs.
4. Add water to it bit by bit until you get a non-sticky smooth dough.
5. Whisk your egg and set aside
6. Grease your baking tray and set aside
7. Put the dough on a table or flat surface and knead for 5 minutes
8. Cut out the dough one after the other and use rolling-pin to roll them flat (do not make them too thin). Slash the dough to form rectangular shape.
9. Place some of the sausage meat on the dough and fold.
10. Bake for 40 minutes until it becomes light brown.


Snack business is highly profitable especially when you have a greater number of people to supply to. The more product you produce and sell the more the money you make out of it.
Assuming you are able to supply to 15 people in a day and make #1,000 gain from each. It therefore means your gain in a day is #15,000 which is very commendable. As you continue in the business you will have increased number of places to supply to.
The profit can be more because different snacks have their different prices. Sausage roll can go for #100 and above while fish roll and egg roll can go for #50 and above depending…


Locate schools, supermarkets, shops and vendors to supply to. You can place a show glass somewhere and display your snacks for sale. I know of a lady who place a show glass of snacks in front of their house and was having good patronage. Most parents taking their children to school stops to buy. People started contacting her to produce for their occasion. She is now a known snack dealer from the comfort of her home. Advertise your snack business everywhere to attract buyers. You may have to bake and give people to taste for the first time in other to get established buyers.


Chin-chin is a made-in-Nigeria snack and has become a household name because kids and adults alike enjoy it.
Parents package it for their children to eat at school during lunch breaks, and adults have it with cold soft drinks, juice or water both in the office and while traveling.
Many Nigerians do not venture into chin-chin business alone; they often combine it with other snacks like buns, puff-puff, cake, egg roll, pizza, sausage roll, meat pie, fish pie, etc.
Because it is often crispy and fun to chew, it’s become the very favorite snack for many Nigerians. Even though a lot of people don’t seem to bother about how their sweet chin-chin is made, well, if you wish to go into this business of baking and sales of chin-chin, I assure you that this piece will answer all the questions that you may wish to ask about how to produce and sell chin-chin in Nigeria.

Feasibility Studies for Chin-Chin Business

Anyone who wishes to go into a business is doing so for two major reasons – to affect lives and to make money. Now your case shouldn’t be any different.
If you wish to go into the business, you must carry out a feasibility study using the under-listed headings:

Capital. This is the most important factor to consider if you wish to produce and sell chin-chin in Nigeria.
Even though it is not capital intensive, you need to have a clearly defined source of capital. Also, if you wish to take a loan, you must come up with a repayment plan.
Market. If you wish to go into that business, you must be close to a market where you can easily source the raw materials for making it like floor, vegetable oil, nutmeg, sugar, etc.
Customers. There must be a reasonable number of people living in that location of choice unless you can afford to transport it to far distances (only) where the snacks will be patronized more. But in any case, you must have plans on how to cover both short and far distances.
Go and negotiate with owners of stores, supermarkets, hotels, schools, companies, eateries, kiosks, shops, and other business owners who may likely be good key distributors and/or marketers of your intending product.
So, your feasibility study should be able to cover those key factors amongst other things if you wish to produce and sell chin-chin in Nigeria.

Investment Capital for Chin-Chin Business

To produce and sell chin-chin in Nigeria, you must first of all think of how to source capital to start the business.
Chin-chin business can either be large or small scale depending on how much you have to kick it off. With about thirty thousand naira (N30,000) you can start your small-scale chin-chin business, but in this case you may not be using machines like cutter which is relatively expensive.
Assuming you invested N10,000 in buying all the ingredients required for frying the chin-chin, you can make between N15,000 to N17,000.
You may decide whether to rent a shop or prepare and sell from your house depending on the size of your start-up capital. Also, you can start little from your home and when the business starts booming then you should be able to afford to rent a shop for your business.

Machines and Equipment Needed for Small Scale Chin-Chin Business

As a beginner, you may not need a machine for processing, but when the demand is high it is advisable you acquire a cutter to helping you in chopping them into the size of your choice and dough roller for kneading the mixture before chopping them to sizes of choice.
Other tools include stove for heating the vegetable oil, and spoon for scooping hot chin-chin from hot oil into a tray. Chin-chin business doesn’t necessarily require huge equipment and machines.

Machines and Equipment Needed for Large Scale Chin-Chin Business

Many Nigerian customers wanted to start chin chin making business, but they don't know which equipment for making chin chin, here qill introduce chin chin making machines in details. This whole chin chin production line includes dough mixer, dough pressing machine, chin chin cutting machine, chin chin frying machine, and chin chin packing machine.

Dough Mixer

Dough mixer is main equipment of noodle and pastry processing, it is mainly used for mixing wheat flour with water in certain ratio, according to user's process requirements to make dough, widely used in the dining room, hotels, and the pasta processing noodle processing units.

Dough Pressing Machine

The dough press machine only needs to place the dough in the lower conveyor belt, and it can automatically transfer, kneading and folding, it is the ideal supporting equipment for all kinds of pastry processing production line. It is widely used in bakeries, pastry factories and noodle factories.

Chin Chin Cutting Machine

The chin chin cutting machine consists of dough pressing, forming and conveyor belt. Simple operation, 1-2 workers are enough. The thickness and shape of chinchin can be adjusted according to the user's actual requirement.

Chin Chin Frying Machine

This chin chin frying machine adopts the new principle of oil and water mixing, which has the characteristics of automatic temperature control, automatic slag cleaning and automatic frying. Using the oil and water mixing principle, the production cost can be reduced significantly, and the product quality will be increased while the profit is increased. The frying machine is suitable for frying various kinds of food, vegetables, meat, pasta and all kinds of Fried food.

Chin Chin Packing Machine

The granule packing machine is controlled by computer program, and the production process can be completed automatically, such as bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, printing batch number, production date count, etc., suitable for packaging food, medicine, chemical industry, seeds, daily chemical industry and other loose and unsticky granular materials.

Production Procedure of Chin-Chin

No need to be jittery because chin-chin is one of the easiest snacks to make. I will explain the production procedure to you in two ways – ingredients and steps. First of all, you need to get your ingredients ready and they include:

Ingredients for chin-chin
• 500g – 1k of flour
• 150 – 250g of margarine
• 2 – 5 pinches of salt
• 200 – 250g of granulated sugar
• 75ml of milk
• Pure vegetable oil
• 1 teaspoon of Baking power
• 4 raw eggs
• 2 teaspoon of powdered nutmeg

Note that the choice of ingredients and amount depend largely on quantity to be made, crunchiness and quality of chin-chin intended to produce. Now follow the outlined steps to produce your sweet and crunchy chin-chin.

Steps taken to produce chin-chin:

• Pour the flour in a clean bowl and sieve your flour properly
• Now add baking powder to the mixture above
• After that you add some salt, water and some powdered sugar to it to soak and make it taste good
• Add nutmeg and butter after the last step
• Mix them for some minutes to allow for proper mixing leaving no lumps
• Make a whole in the middle of the dough and add the egg yolk, water and milk, then mix properly
• Place this dough on a clean and smooth surface and knead carefully using a dough roller
• When the dough becomes completely flat, chop the dough into bits of desired shapes (round, square, triangle, etc.)
• Put some vegetable oil into a frying pan and heat it to become hot
• Gently pour the chopped pieces of dough into the oil and fry it for some minutes until its color changes to brown, golden brown or milk (depending on the color of choice)
• Scoop the now chin-chin into a try a tray and allow it to cool

Packaging, Storage and Pricing of Chin-Chin

Chin-chin is packaged in clean transparent polythene sheets and containers. The one packaged in transparent containers seems to cost more because the maker considers the cost of buying the containers. You will need a sealing machine for this. Buy it here from Jumia.
They go for between N100 to N500 while the ones packaged in polythene sheets go between N10 to N200. Ensure your store the chin-chin in a cool dry environment to retain its freshness.
Packaging, storage and price are key if you wish to produce and sell chin-chin in Nigeria.

Distribution and Marketing Strategies for Chin-Chin

Neatly packaged chin-chin is distributed in baskets and cartons, and transported by vehicles to supermarkets, hotels, schools, companies, eateries, kiosks, shops, and events that may require special supply like birthdays.
You may decide to rent a shop and produce chin-chin alongside other snacks to diversify your business. Ensure you have the contact of customer to always call after making a supply to find out when they are about to run out of stock and restock them.
Yes, remember that there are other people in the business so there may also be a need to sell to trustworthy customers on credit. This is a way to win customer loyalty.

Potato Chips production

How to Start a Potato Chips Factory? Potato Chips Making Business Plan

Are you looking for Potato Chips Making Business? Here you get the detail business plan that will help you to start a small-scale manufacturing business.
Potato Chips Making Business is one of the profitable small-scale manufacturing business individuals can start this business even from home.
Potato chips are a crispy and crunchy slice of potato which is fried in oil and preserved in salt, potato slice goes through the dehydration while getting in contact with oil.
India is one of the largest potato crop growing country, potato chips is an interesting innovation, it gives considerable value to the potato, Popularity of potato chips as snacks is growing fast in all age group.
Potato chips are available in different flavor and taste with some attractive shape and texture, additionally; you can start the French Fries Making Business from using the fresh potato.

Potential of Potato Chips Making Business (Market Opportunity)

India is largest potato growing country, around 12.5 million potatoes are grown in India which is 5% of total potato grown in the whole world but the disadvantage is that the potato is soiled due to transportation, storage system, and other environmental changes.
The potato will save using different preservation technique, potato chips making is one of them, Potato chips are one of the traditional food in India but it has to be made in scientific and hygienic ways.
There is a huge demand for the potato chips from the rural as well as urban area; people prefer instant food and potato chips are the best option for snacks it eliminates hunger quickly.
Potato chips are healthy there is no harmful ingredient used to produce chips and it is easily available in every corner shop, shopping mall you can find the potato chips packet everywhere.
By considering all direct and indirect factors that help to grow market demand for potato chips it is a good idea to start the potato chips making business by investing small capital you can start the potato chips making unit from your home.

Registrations & Licenses Required for Potato Chips Factory

Potato chips making business is categories under food production industry, you need to deal with some documentation before starting potato chips making business
#1)Registration of Firm: You may start the small to medium scale cashew nut processing unit either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.
If you are starting this Potato Chips business as One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship.
For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).
#2)CAC Registration: Register either online or any nearest Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) and get your business ready for the world to enjoy your product
#3)Trade License: Apply for tread license

Area required for Potato Chips Making (Location)

The success of the business indirectly depends on the location so you need to choose the location very carefully; an ideal location for Potato Chips Making Business is that close to raw material supplied and the target market.
The area with 1000 sq ft space is sufficient for this business; Make sure that the area must have facilities like water supply, electricity, and drainage facility.
You can start the Potato Chips Making Business from your home it will save you some capital investment.
While starting the business from home you have to ensure that the location must follow the rule that mentions by the state government.
If your state government mention some restriction; such as you cannot cook the other food in the location of the business or the pets are not allowed in the location area; then make sure that you are eligible for the home-based business.

Raw Materials required for Potato Chips Business

Potato is the base material for the potato chips making business, you have to careful while choosing potato, and to reduce the cost of raw material it is advisable to purchase the potato from the farmer.
The quality of your product depends on the quality of the raw material you used thereafter to ensure that the raw material you purchase is of good quality.
You will need to procure the packaging material which will be used to protect and selling the potato chips.
While selecting potato to do a quick inspection, draw random potato take the slices of them and check whether it is of good quality or not.
You need to find the raw material supplier that will constantly provide the raw material also be prepared for the situation like shortage of raw material. In that case, you have a backup for the raw material, it is advisable to purchase raw material in advance.

Raw Materials required for potato chips making:

Edible Oil: To fry potato slices
Flavor & Spices: Flavors are used to make delicious chips with various tastes
Packaging Material: Used to pack the proceed chips for marketing and selling also for protecting and preservation purpose
Potato: Base material used in potato chips making make even slices of potato using machinery
Salt: An essential ingredient in every food item to add taste.

Machinery used for Potato Chips Manufacturing

You can start the potato making unit by two methods either as semi-automatic or fully-automatic methods

List of machinery required for potato chips manufacturing

• Batch Fryer
• Dewatering Machine
• Plastic Trays
• Washing and Peeling Machine
• Salting Drum With Inert Gas Flushing Unit
• Slicing Machine (With Arrangement To Adjust Slice Thickness)
• Spice/Flavoring Coating Machine
• Spin Dryer / Hydro Extractor
• Stainless Steel Working Tools
• Vacuum Sealing Machine
• Weighing Scales, Dispensers, And Fillers

Washing and Peeling Machine: the first step in potato chips making is wash and peel the potato, washing and peeling machine do this work very efficiently.
The potato is feed in the drum where continues water flow is going on then the sharp edge blade are helps to peel the potato.
Cutting Machine: next step is cutting of potato in equal slices, there are cutting plates are mounted over the cutting machine that helps to slice potato according to the requirement, there is one advance option in cutting machine is that you can adjust the potato slices size and pattern.
This machine required daily cleaning; Cutting machine made up of stainless steel, which helps to easily clean and sanitary machine
Blanching Machine: a blanching machine used to boil the potato slices for a short period of time. It helps to clean dirt and bacteria also help to get a bright color to potato slice.
Packaging Machine: You need to pack the processed chips with the help of the packaging machine; you can use the attractive packets for packaging.
Also, packaging bags are used as promoting material by printing the user-friendly information; the attractive packaging will help to attract customers.

Manufacturing Processes of Potato Chips Business

Sorting Potatoes:

When potato arrive at the processing plant, they were examined and sorted with the quality of potato
The large oval and disease-free potatoes are required for chips, Green edge and blemish potato where separated from the useful potatoes The rejected potato is weighted with weight machine and if the weight of the defected potatoes is exceeded then the whole potato stock will be rejected

Washing & Peeling:

The selected potatoes are passed through the water spray container where potato will be washed with cold water and send them for peeling Peeling process is takes place with the help of a peeling machine or it can be done manually


After peeling the potato will cut into uniform slices around 1.7-1.85 mm thick with the help of the slicing machine, and the slices are immersed in cold water Potato slices are kept in water with 0.05% potassium Meta bi-sulfate to avoid oxidation. Or to remove starch


After slicing process, potatoes are blanched for 4 to 5 minutes in boiling water with the help of a blanching machine and the spread in the tray then the inconsistent/ non-uniform slices are separated from the batch and then the remaining slices are moved to frying

Drying & Frying:

The moisture content of the potato slices is removed using the spin dryer or hydro extractor, later the slices are being fried in a fryer at 1900 degree Celsius for 4 to 5 minutes And then kept in the container to cool and to remove access oil from the fried potato chips


Once fried chips are cooled; Flavors are spread on the potato chips as per taste with the help of salting and flavoring drum


After done with all the processing method the potato chips are ready to packaging The potato chips are packed into the plastic pouch with the help of the sealing machine and then the packed into the carton boxes for delivery to the clients and customers.

Where to Sell

Local market (retail market) Find nearby market and sustenance indicates where you can offer your potato chips. Look in your neighborhood hotels and restaurant, contact distinctive chefs and restaurants. And inform them regarding your potato chips.

Click here to get the complete guide on the above business plan  Click Here

Uses of this Business Plan (PDF and Word)

This business plan can be used for many purposes including:

•    Raising capital from investors/friends/relatives
•    Applying for a bank loan
•    Start-up guide to launch your business
•    As a business proposal
•    Assessing profitability of the business
•    Finding a business partner
•    Assessing the initial start-up costs so that you know how much to save
•   Manual for current business owners to help in business and strategy formulation

Contents of this Business Plan (PDF and Word)

This business plan include:

•    Marketing Strategy
•    Financial Statements (monthly cash flow projections, income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, break even analysis, payback period analysis, start-up costs, financial graphs, revenue and expenses, Bank Loan Amortization)
•    Industry Analysis
•    Market Analysis
•    Risk Analysis
•    SWOT & PEST Analysis
•    Operational Requirements
•    Operational Strategy
•    Why some people in this business fail, so that you can avoid their mistakes
•    Ways to raise capital to start your business


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This business is so lucrative that you can use your proceeds from one outlet or space to open up another one, thereby you have people working for you without you doing the job. Snacks Making Business is one of the profitable small-scale manufacturing business individuals can start this business even from home.


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