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If you are looking to make the switch from blogs to vlogs, , there is a lot to learn, but it is not impossible by any means.

Everything You Want to Know About How to Make Money Vlogging

Vlogging can be a lucrative career for many if it is done right and develops an audience that sticks by your side. As your audience grows, so will your vlog income, making it possible to make a nice living as a vlogger. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is, and you too can fill your pockets with cash as a video blogger.

If you are looking to make the switch from blogs to vlogs, , there is a lot to learn, but it is not impossible by any means. There are a number of people that make vlogs and bring in some serious cash just by posting these blog-like videos.
You too can get in on the trend and make money vlogging with a little bit of effort and focus on your part. Vlogging can be a lucrative career for many if it is done right and develops an audience that sticks by your side.
As your audience grows, so will your vlog income, making it possible to make a nice living as a vlogger. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is, and you too can fill your pockets with cash as a video blogger. To get started as a vlogger, we’ve created everything you need to know about how to make money vlogging right here.

What Is Vlogging?

First, you need to understand exactly what vlogging is and how to vlog to get started. Vlogging is the art of creating videos for an audience. These videos are typically uploaded to sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, allowing others to view them and follow you.
Most vloggers or video bloggers, create content on a regular basis and keeps their fans up-to-date with what’s new videos, how-to videos, and other topics that are in demand. Vlogs are like a written blog that is posted to the internet, but instead of writing the content, you make a video to explain the topic to your audience and post it online.

A Few Tips To Get Started With Your Vlog

Understanding how to make money vlogging starts with creating a vlog that people will want to watch on a regular basis. Here, are some tips to keep in mind as you learn how to make watchable vlogs that also make money.

Pick A Niche

Vlogs are in high demand by users that will subscribe to your channel if they like what they see. You will, however, need to pick a niche that meets the needs of your intended followers. The more you narrow down your genre that better equipped you will be to gain viewers. Your vlog niche should be on a subject that you are knowledgeable about and can easily and informatively talk to your viewers about.
Maybe you provide makeup tutorials or are an Italian cook that makes easy recipes; no matter what you do decide to do for your vlog, keep it simple and don’t try to cover a million topics on your channel. Viewers like informative content and can be fickle if they don’t get what they want from your vlogs. Be sure to entertain your audience and create content that has value in your vlog.

Be Patient

To see the success vlogging that other YouTube stars have achieved will take time. You will not see vlog-success overnight rather it will take months to years to reach your goal of making vlogging your career.
You need to be patient and stick to it. Don’t give up on your video blog as before you know it; you will have an audience that commands top dollar. Remember it takes time. Don’t get discouraged and whatever you do, don’t give up.

Stay Active

When you finally develop an audience for your vlogs, you don’t want to disappoint them in any way. This means that you need to continue to provide them with video content on a regular basis. You need to be an active vlogger and post content on a consistent basis. If you are going to go dormant for a while, let your viewers know.
If you suddenly disappear, your audience may desert you. You need to give your fans what they demand, and that is good quality content that entertains and informs. Be sure to vlog every day and watch as your subscribers grow with your vlog library. By keeping up the hard work, you will see your efforts pay off with a larger audience base and more money coming in.

Pick One Platform And Stick With It

While you may be tempted to upload your vlogs everywhere, you need to pick one platform and stick with it.

What Do You Need To Become A Vlogger?

Now that you have a good idea of what vlogging is and some tips to help you get started, you need the right equipment to make it happen. While you certainly can make money vlogging with a simple camera phone, you may want to do it right and have a professional tone to your vlogs, so they appeal to the most viewers. Be sure to gather these tools to make your vlogs as appealing as possible.

1. Camera

When you are ready to begin vlogging, you will need a camera that takes good quality video. Make sure it is HD for the best viewing capability and is easy-to-use. A good quality camera will go a long way in making sure that your vlog is as high of quality as possible.

2. Tripod

A tripod is also essential. Not only will it keep your video steady, but it will provide you with the best shot possible.

3. Lighting

Now, you can’t always count on natural lighting for your video blogs. You will need a lighting source. Do yourself a favor right off the bat and invest in a lighting system that provides effects as well as bright lights.
Not only will you look better on camera but it will help highlight what you are trying to show your viewers. Poor lighting can really distract from what you are trying to show and say in your vlog. Get yourself a good lighting system and watch as your videos become more professional as a result.

4. Editing Software

Lastly, you will need some editing software. Not everything you say and do on camera will be of value to your viewers, so you need to edit.
Cut those clips where you are rambling on and make your vlog as concise as possible. Expecting your viewers to stay entertained through hours of video is just not a reality. You need to get to the point quickly, and good editing software can help. Make sure it is easy-to-use and can provide you with all the features you are looking for to make seamless vlogs that your viewers will enjoy.

5. Start Recording Your Vlogs

Get started making your vlogs now. They won’t be perfect at first, but over time you will develop a knack for what your viewers want and what works for you.
Get your vlogs out there and start promoting them on social media. The more video content that you can get out there the better. Have standards and make sure your vlogs are as professional as possible.

How To Make Money Vlogging On YouTube?

Now, you are ready to understand how to make money vlogging. You have the right tools. You know what to expect, and you have chosen your platform. All that is left is to understand is what you need to do start cashing in on your vlogs.

Ask Your Viewers To Like What They See

Likes are a key component of learning how to make money video blogging. The way that the YouTube algorithm works is by looking at how many likes your videos garner. If you are amassing likes on a regular basis on your vlogs, YouTube knows that viewers like and enjoy your videos.
This will pull you higher to the top of search results, helping you gain an audience and more exposure with your vlogs. Likes can also put you in the money category as you get more attention for the vlogging that you are doing, which can help you down the road with sponsorships and merchandising.

Tell Your Viewers To Subscribe

It is also important to get subscribers to build your audience base. You know that your subscribers are watching videos but what about their friends and family? You have to remember that your vlogs are not only viewed by people on YouTube, but they are being shared on social media as well. Turn these casual viewers into regular subscribers by asking them to subscribe in each and every video that you make. Remember the more subscribers you have, the more influence you will have with companies looking to gain visibility from their products with your vlog.

Get Viewing Time Down

Another part of YouTube’s algorithm is the ability to get viewers from the start of your view to the end. When viewers watch your video to the end, it means they like what they see. YouTube recognizes this and will promote your video in search results, so others can enjoy it too. This can help you grow your audience, get likes, add subscribers, and eventually gain the attention of advertisers.

Grow Your Audience

It is up to you to grow your audience. This can be done in a number of ways. Sharing your vlogs on social media is a good option as it helps to get the word out. Posting videos often can help you understand what content is working in your vlogs and gain interest from potential subscribers. Look what other vloggers do and emulate the techniques that you admire. The more you can learn from others, the better your vlog will be right out of the gate.

Use Google AdSense

The way that AdSense works is by placing an ad in the front of your vlog. These ads run before a viewer can see your vlog. If a viewer clicks on the ad, you will get paid. While AdSense only pays a few cents per ad, if you have thousands of viewers, it will add up quickly.
If you are posting vlogs on YouTube, you certainly should be using AdSense as a way to make money with your vlog. AdSense is an easy way to start making money vlogging without having to do much else than create the video blogs that you are already making for your videos.

Build Sponsorship Relationships

As you build a strong relationship with your audience, you will be able to create sponsorship with companies that want you to showcase their products. Having thousands of viewers can help you get a company’s attention as they look to promote their brand with your audience.
Your viewers already look to you to provide them with information, and having a promotional product in your vlog can help you bring in more money with your video blog. Sponsorships are how many professional bloggers make a good living off their vlog. A relationship with a brand can allow you to demand the amount you want for showcasing a product that you might talk about or use on a regular basis.
For example; if you have a fitness vlog, you may want to align yourself with a fitness brand or diet product that you believe in. Keep in mind that you still need to be true to your audience that means abiding by the 80/20 rule. A total of 80 percent of your content should be educational, and the other 20 percent should be promotional. Making the majority your vlog as valuable as possible for your audience will keep them enticed, and they won’t be bothered sponsorships you are promoting in your vlog.

Showcase Merchandise

You may also want to consider selling merchandise on your vlog. Your viewers are already coming to you to be informed, and they will also listen to you about the products that you recommend. Having products that represent your vlog can help you sell more merchandise over time.
The more your products related to the vlogs that you are already creating, the more apt your viewers will be to buy from you. For example; you may have a cooking vlog and selling products related to cooking such as spices, utensils, or recipe books, may be of interest to your viewers. They already know that you make money through the sale of these products and they will be more likely to buy them from someone they trust – and that is you.

9 Tips For Starting A Vlog

1. Get Started

There is no time like the present to start your vlog. The sooner you start uploading videos to sites like YouTube, the sooner you will start bringing in money. You already know how to vlog; you just need to overcome your fears and create videos that viewers want to watch.

2. Keep An Eye On What Is Trending

The most successful vloggers are the ones that pay attention to the trends. You need to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world and recognize what your viewers are paying attention to as well. The more you can integrate the trends into your vlogging; the more viewers will turn to you to keep them informed.

3. Keep A Focus On Quality

Above all, you want to make sure that you are creating vlogs that have valuable content for your viewers. Short selling your viewers will only turn them off. They know what quality content is and if you can’t deliver it, they will find someone that can. You should be proud of every vlog you make as then you will know that you are producing quality content that viewers will be interested in and want to watch.
Creating less than stellar video blogs will only make you lose your creditability with your viewers. Never take your viewers and fans for granted. They can turn on you in an instant and you want to make money off your vlog by gaining their trust.

4. Engage With Your Viewers

You also want to engage with your viewers on a regular basis. They are, of course, tuning in to see you and your vlog. As a vlogger, you want to talk to your viewers and be genuine in your vlogs. Talk to them like they are your friends in an authentic and engaging way. Another way that you can engage with your audience is to post helpful information in the comments.
Give your viewers places where they can get more information and gather even more education about the vlog you have provided. For example; if you have a vlog about candlemaking, take your viewers to sites that you recommend to buy candle supplies. This can work well if you are a sponsor of said candle supplies or if you have your own merchandise for candlemaking or whatever niche you have decided to focus on for your vlog.

5. Choose Topics You Are Passionate About

For your vlog, you want to discuss topics that you are really passionate about. A viewer can see through you if you are just making a vlog to make money. You want to show your viewers that you really care about what you are video vlogging about. This is easy if you are really passionate about what you are vlogging about.
For example; if you believe in animal rights, discuss how to adopt dogs or cats or ways to help shelters through donations. Don’t make a vlog about snakes if you don’t like snakes unless, of course, your vlog is about snake fears.

6. Be Original

You want to make your YouTube channel stand out from the others. This means that you need to be your original self. Think about what makes you unique, special and stand out from the crowd. This is where you will succeed and be a voice that viewers can turn to as an authority.
You want to be the expert of your niche through vlogging and knowing how to make money vlogging is all about reaching your audience with the best, most original content possible.

7. Respond To Comments

Just like you would engage with your viewers by giving them more information, you also want to respond to your viewers in the comment section of your vlog. Interact with your viewers and respond to what they are saying about your vlogging. Answer the questions that they have and don’t be afraid to voice an opinion.
It may take more time and effort, but your viewers will see that you are human and be more apt to interact with you. You’ll find that the more you comment to your viewers that more active they will become. They will see you as a friend that they can talk with and be open to the other suggestions you make. Remember, you want to make money with your vlog and keeping your audience happy is a part of that.

8. Ask Questions

If your viewers are a little shy about commenting on your vlogs, you may need to coax them into it. Ask them questions as about your vlog and tell them that you want to hear from them in the comments. Just like your viewers tell you what they want, you need to tell them what you need as well.
Be engaging and show that you genuinely care about what they have to say. If they do ask you questions be sure to answer them. If you fail to do so, you viewers will be upset that they put forth the effort and you did not.

9. Listen To Your Viewers

You also want to listen to what your viewers have to say. If they don’t like something in your vlog don’t repeat it. But if they do, keep it up. If you see that views, likes, and subscribers are going up with a specific vlog you made, you need to pay attention and make more vlogs like it.
You may have hit on a topic that resonates with your vloggers. They obviously like the video you created and want more of it. Also, be sure to pay attention to the comment section of your vlogs. This is where your viewers will tell you what they want to see more of. Don’t ignore their requests as they are helping you along and providing you great information that can make your vlogging even better.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to make money vlogging, you are ready to get started rolling in the dough. Using this helpful information can give you all the tools you need to get started vlogging and increase your vlog earnings month-to-month.
You can make a good income vlogging and become a respected vlogger in the industry. Start now and be patient; the returns will come from your hard work. Have a question about how to make money vlogging? Or have another way to make money as a vlogger? Let us know. We want to hear from you.


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Vlogging can be a lucrative career for many if it is done right and develops an audience that sticks by your side. As your audience grows, so will your vlog income, making it possible to make a nice living as a vlogger. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is, and you too can fill your pockets with cash as a video blogger.


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